Bologna tries to defend childhood hero Hulk Hogan… fails.

Hogan confused


As you may have heard Hulk Hogan is having quite the fall from grace. Disappointment is the only word that can describe my feelings this morning when I read the news. I like many my age grew up idolizing Hulk Hogan. I said my prayers and ate my vitamins not because my parents told me to but because it was the Hulksters message.  I loved professional wrestling growing up and Hulk Hogan was the biggest and best of the best. He was my Michael Jordan before MJ was my MJ. So when my cousin text me this morning at 6:50 am I knew it was bad. Continue reading

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Tyler Saladino is Making Sox Games Watchable Again


If the White Sox didn’t have dumb luck they would have no luck at all! In a season full of utter disappointments, underachieving, and bad decisions, the Sox finally found a diamond in the rough in Tyler Saladino. But don’t go giving them all the credit just yet. This was just dumb luck. Continue reading

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Bum Table: Chicago Cubs & White Sox Midseason Analysis

In this edition of our Bum Talk round table discussion, we will be discussing the Cubs and White Sox first half performances and what direction they go before the trade deadline and into the second half. We are happy to be joined today by special guest contributor and Cubs fan Javy Dopez. Follow him on twitter here Continue reading

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U.S.A. beat France 82-0 in the American Football Championship because DUH!!!!!

Apparently the IFAF (International Federation of American Football) is holding a tournament in Canton Ohio called the American Football Championship and the United States is steamrolling dumbass nations left and right.  In it’s first three games the U.S. has beaten Mexico 30-6, Japan 43-18 and now France 82-0. The States domination should come as no surprise but this IFAF tournament did make me come up with a few quick thoughts I will now present to you in no particular order.

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