Cubs celebrate Jake Arrieta’s no-hitter with a giant pajama party.

Take a bow Jake Arrieta. Your 116 pitch, 12 strikeout no-hitter was one for the history books. A dominant pitching performance on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball is a hell of a way to break a 4 game losing streak. Arrieta was flat out awesome. Lights out from beginning to end. It was a special performance for what is increasingly becoming a special season.

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The Madden 16 movie trailer is a thing. A very weird, very ridiculous, very funny thing.

Slow clap for whoever’s weed smoke filled brain that came out of. That was something. Who cares if there was only about 15 seconds of actual video game footage. We all know what Maddden is about at this point right? That shit hasn’t changed in about 15 years. (besides that year with the weird field vision cone) So instead lets get some actors and football players and put them in the most absurd outfits and situations possible. And guess what? FUCKING GREAT IDEA. Smoke all of the weed EA Sports. Smoke it all because that movie trailer was a home run. Continue reading

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