Did Peyton Manning really use P.E.D’s? CSB’s Bologna investigates.

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is strongly denying claims made by an Al-Jazerra documentary that the future hall-of-famer was supplied human growth hormone by an Indiana doctor. These shocking claims rocked the sports world Sunday and if true it can tarnish the legacy of one of the NFL’s best and most popular players. These claims should not be taken lightly. Therefore I Bologna have taken it upon myself to get to the bottom of it all. Continue reading

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What I got our Chicago sports teams for Christmas.

The holidays are a wonderful time of happiness and giving. The lights are bright and spirits are high. This year I’m feeling extra festive. Maybe it’s because the eggnog is flowing and Home Alone is on HBO or maybe it’s because my body is rapidly morphing into a shape that can only be described as mall Santa-esque. Either way I’m in a jolly spirit,  I splurged a bit and decided to buy some gifts to our beloved Chicago sports teams.  Continue reading

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