The WWE universe collectively lost their minds last night at the Royal Rumble because of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns came out at #30 for last nights Royal Rumble. This after already losing a match earlier in the night. As soon as his music hit WWE fans all over the world lost their shit in one of the funniest reaction videos of all time.  Continue reading

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Theo Epstein enjoys the Cubs game from the bleachers incognito… Jk his disguise stunk.

The Chicago Cubs front office celebrated winning the NL Central by taking in today’s game from the first row of the Wrigley Field bleachers. All eyes were on president of baseball operations Theo Epstein as he donned a 70’s pornstache in disguise… and Twitter went crazy. Continue reading

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Do the Bulls and Jimmy Butler have a future together?

Editors note: Bulls blogs are hot in the streets. Right on the heels of Sports Bum Louie’s Bulls post is another one from guest contributor J. Dink. You can follow him on twitter @Jdink3. Take it away JD…


So, here we are. A week later and one “superstar” lighter on the Bulls roster. But let’s examine where the last week has taken us as a fan base. Continue reading

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