Cam Newton Finds Comedy in Female Reporter’s Question

Pro Football Talk – “Cam, I know you take a lot of pride in seeing your receivers play well,” Rodrigue said. “Devin Funchess has seemed to really embrace the physicality of his routes and getting those extra yards. Does that give you a little bit of enjoyment to see him kind of truck sticking people out there?”

Newton was smirking while Rodrigue asked the question, and he made a totally inappropriate comment before answering.

“It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes. It’s funny,” Newton said, before then giving some thoughts about Funchess growing as a receiver.

I think in today’s day and age, the best thing for me to do in order to avoid getting retweeted by Jezebel and subsequently get blown up by a 19 year old gender studies major from Buzzfeed would be to just be a white knight here. Ride up on my steed and admonish Cam Newton for his comments. “Cam, you are disgusting and you could have a daughter one day, what kind of message are you sending?” I would say, as the praise from militant feminists pours in.

I’m not going to do that, though. I’m going to take what he said for face value and I’m going to have to agree with him. Cam took the presser after practice. He spent his day around burly dudes, just farting and talking about dicks for 6 hours. Then he rolls into a presser and a small lady starts asking about Devin Funchess fucking people up on the field.

He didn’t say she shouldn’t be there. He just said it’s observationally funny that a pretty lady is asking him football nerd questions that are usually asked by some hardo Northwestern graduate in a suit with a bad haircut. Now to prove my point, I’m going to list a bunch of other scenario’s that would be just as funny, if not, funnier:

-Andy Reid asking Gigi Hadid “who she is wearing” at New York Fashion Week.

-Kyrie Irving teaching a seminar on plate tectonics at MIT.

-The Rap group Migos conducting the London Symphony.

-And conversely, members of the London Symphony trying to be as lit as Migos in a concert.

-Ray Rice instructing a women’s self defense class.

See those are all funny, too.

I’ve seen the other points about reporters. “Most reporters never played a down of anything higher than high school football.” Yeah, that still doesn’t change what football traditionally is. When I was in sixth grade, my football coach sat us down after a loss and asked “whose balls have dropped in this room?” When no one answered, he screamed it louder. Then after some hands went up, he said “good, at least I know some of you have the ability for your little dick to get hard enough to go tackle someone!” Now obviously, I had a lot of questions as to why one would need an erection to tackle someone, but that’s besides our point here. The people who get into the weeds about routes, spreads, and cover defense just happen to traditionally be men.

What I’m getting at is that pointing out that something is different or unusual is not inherently wrong. Hell, when I think of football, Allie Laforce, Suzy Kolber, Michelle Tafoya, and Sam Ponder all enter my mind just as fondly as Troy Aikman, Jim Nance, or Chris Berman. Women absolutely have a place in NFL jobs and I would venture to guess anyone who truly has a problem with it isn’t even tangentially related to the game. But when it comes to making observations about a woman asking questions that have been covered by the Adam Schefters and the Ian Rappaports of the world since the beginning of football time, everyone just chill.

Oh, and by the way, I don’t think Cam Newton was trying to make a statement. I think he was low key hitting on the reporter and it went miserably.

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