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Tonight ESPN’s award winning 30 for 30 documentary series focuses on the legendary 1985 Chicago Bears. Arguably one of the greatest and most memorable teams in NFL history. Since it’s Super Bowl week and the current Chicago Bears squad isn’t anywhere close to competing for a championship we once again turn our attention to a team that hasn’t played a lick of football in 30 years. But oh what a team that was…

Authors note: This is Chicago Sports Bums first ever live blog. We kind of don’t know what we’re doing and this might just be 2 hours of me talking to myself but this is exciting none the less. Comment section is open for everyone and anyone.

7:45- This Wisconsin vs Ohio State game better not go into overtime. 6 minutes left  Wisconsin has a 3 point lead. I’ve got the game on mute and I’ve been blasting the Super Bowl Shuffle for a good 10 minutes now. LET”S GO!!!

7:59- Get out of my face Thad Matta you loser. It’s time to watch some real coaches do work

8:00- Starts out with a look at Buddy Ryan. Gotta love Buddy still fighting all these years later.












8:11- Singletary on when Ditka was hired “Coach Ditka? We don’t want him! He’s crazy!!” Yeah crazy like a fox bro.

8:20- not exactly breaking news to but Buddy Ryan and Mike Ditka didn’t like each other. Ditka says “I thought I was a pretty likable guy. Even when I was a horses ass I was pretty likable.” Yeah OK Coach. You’re 76 years old now and probably smell like farts but you still scare and intimidate me. I’m not sure likable is the right word.

8:25- The Bears draft Jim McMahon. If “dabbing” was around in the 80’s McMahon’s elbow would never leave his face. Dude was swagging on fools before swag was even a thing.

8:30- It took me half an hour to realize Vince Vaughn (of True Detective season 2 fame) is narrating. jk VEGAS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:33- first commercial break. This limited commercial interruption thing is awesome but killing me. I can’t keep up. I didn’t really think this through. More sprint commercials please.

8:38- Bears draft William Perry. Hampton says “We called him biscuit because he was a biscuit shy of 350 lbs.” McMahon says ” great personality, he’s just a big happy fat guy.”  seems I can relate a lot to William Perry.

8:42- Bears start 1985 6-0. Game 6 was against San Francisco and Coach Ditka calls the “Fridge handoff” as payback for the 49ers win the previous season. CHOO CHOO FRIDGE COMING THROUGH! Bend over Bill Walsh!!!

8:43 to 8:49- MURDER ON LIVE TV. This documentary just turned into a snuff film. Nothing but clips of the defense murdering opponents in cold blood. This should’ve been rated TV-MA. Put the kids to bed folks.

8:50- Touching moment of present day Mike Singletary & Buddy Ryan. Mike explaining what Buddy means to him. Almost an hour in and you can tell how much love and respect every defensive player has for Buddy.

8:53- second commercial break. Espn Deportes is showing the Super Bowl and I’m really  debating watching that broadcast instead of CBS. Jim Nantz & Phil Simms are so fucking vanilla. At least the Deportes guys will give me a few reasons to get out of my seat. “AYE DIOS MIO!!! CAM NEWTON ES SUPERMAN!!!! TOUCHDOWN PANTERAS DE CAROLINA!!!!”

8:57- Week 13 Bears vs Dolphins. I’m just going to skip over this since I’m a few minutes behind. Fuck you Mercury Morris.

9:00- Monsters of the Midway were making that straight cash homie. Kevin Butler says “I was a rookie kicker and even I had a radio show.”

9:04- Playoff game 1 vs The Giants. Bill Parcell’s says ” If we would’ve played 10 times they would’ve beat us 9 out of 10 times” UMM NO BIll 10-10

9:06- playoff game 2 vs The Rams. I know Eric Dickerson is a Hall of Famer but no way were the Bears going to lose to this nerd in glasses. I would’ve bet my life savings on that.










9:08- commercial break. I’ve fallen behind about 10 minutes. No Bueno. Blog issues plus the fact that I type about 10 wpm isn’t helping my cause. I should’ve played more Mario Teaches Typing instead of Oregon Trail in 4th grade computer class. I can’t type for shit but I could ford the snake river like a fucking pro.

9:12- Super Bowl XX vs The New England Patriots.

9:16- Thursday before the Super Bowl Jim McMahon is accused of calling all the women in New Orleans sluts and the men idiots. Turns out he didn’t say those things… but someone did… and that person might have not been incorrect.

9:19- Defensive players find out Buddy Ryan is leaving after the season is over. The Bears hold the Patriots to 7 yards rushing and sacked NE qbs 7 times. Bears win Superbowl XX 46-10. I was 2 years old and I’m deathly afraid this is the only Super Bowl win The Bears will have in my lifetime.












9:30- 1986 preseason starts. Ditka endorses and sells every product known to man. Players are jealous. I don’t blame them.

9:33- after Jim McMahon gets criminally assaulted by the Packers, Ditka starts Doug Flutie in the playoffs against Washington. Bears lose. Chances of a Dynasty diminish. This is now getting sad instead of fun. Simply put the Bears should’ve won more than 1 Super Bowl.

9:38- RIP Sweetness. In my book the greatest there ever was.

9:40- Dave Duerson’s story is tragic and speaks to a bigger problem in the NFL. Duerson,  Junior Seau and countless others. CTE is a frightening issue.

9:50- even with the health issues mentioned every 85 Bear that was asked says they would do everything over again in a heartbeat… and Chicago falls in love with this team all over again.

9:52- Ditka “The best thing that happened to Mike Ditka was Buddy Ryan and the best thing that happened to Buddy Ryan was Mike Ditka.”

9:55- Buddy wrote this letter to his players. They’re on tv crying and if I’m being honest I’m choked up typing this. What an amazing way to end this story. Thank you Buddy, Thank you Coach Ditka. Thank you Walter, Jim, Mike, William, Dan, Dave, Steve and everyone else on that team. 30 years later and we’re still cheering, thanking, loving and supporting you guys because you truly were the best.

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  1. Unfortunately I couldn’t watch live last night, had to record it. But after reading this, I feel like I was on the 85 Bears myself! #Bears #Ditka #Sausage #Bears

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