Do the Bulls and Jimmy Butler have a future together?

Editors note: Bulls blogs are hot in the streets. Right on the heels of Sports Bum Louie’s Bulls post is another one from guest contributor J. Dink. You can follow him on twitter @Jdink3. Take it away JD…


So, here we are. A week later and one “superstar” lighter on the Bulls roster. But let’s examine where the last week has taken us as a fan base. Continue reading

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What I got our Chicago sports teams for Christmas.

The holidays are a wonderful time of happiness and giving. The lights are bright and spirits are high. This year I’m feeling extra festive. Maybe it’s because the eggnog is flowing and Home Alone is on HBO or maybe it’s because my body is rapidly morphing into a shape that can only be described as mall Santa-esque. Either way I’m in a jolly spirit,  I splurged a bit and decided to buy some gifts to our beloved Chicago sports teams.  Continue reading

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Derrick Rose Civil Suit Takes Another Weird Turn


(Source) – “NBA superstar Derrick Rose says he and his friends are NO RAPISTS — claiming the ex-girlfriend accusing them of drugging and gang raping her is LYING because she gave them consent to have sex on the night in question … this according to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports.  Continue reading

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