Highlights from Ronda Rousey’s Reddit Ask Me Anything

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Undefeated UFC women’s bantamweight champion, New York Times best selling author and all around pop culture tour de force Ronda Rousey swung by Reddits /iAmA subreddit to answer some fan questions  tonight.

Ronda answered a wide variety of questions from some lighthearted Pokemon and World of Warcraft queries to some more serious topics like femininity and body image issues. The whole post is worth a read but here are some of the highlights that stood out.

Her thoughts about Cris “Cyborg” Justino and if she can beat Floyd Mayweather in fight.

Ronda is a bad ass bitch. I love her brashness and her confidence is a big part of what makes her. I do think she can destroy Cyborg. But she’s flat out crazy to think she can beat Floyd in anything that resembles fighting.


 on the length of her fights and her time left in the UFC.



If all her fights keep lasting 30 seconds she can fight until she’s 50 if she wants.



SHHH! No prefight music


On her inevitable stint in the WWE

Worst kept secret in all of sports. Ronda loves WWE, WWE loves Ronda. She’s going to be the female Brock Lesnar and everybody will be printing money except Dana White. I bet you he wakes up at night with sweat dripping from his bald head just muttering ” Damn you McMahon”


Here was a good question with a very unexpected answer

Today I learned Ronda loves Buffaloes.



I would never ever call Ronda a liar to her face. But behind a screen and keyboard… BULLSHIT YOU ATE 60 WINGS RONDA!!!! BULLSHIT!


Favorite movie

Awesome movie.


Superhero movie roles.

Another money maker. Ronda and Marvel will make all of the money in the world if she plays Miss Marvel. Her badassery + that outfit = GOLD JERRY GOLD!!! Again, Dana White wakes up from his night-terror muttering “Damn you Stan Lee.”



Even to the baddest woman on the planet Khaleesi is a badass. Game recognizes game.





For the purposes of this post and my “journalistic integrity” I might have googled that video. Research and fact checking that’s all.


Aaaaand weirdest


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