Book it! WWE Great Balls of Fire Predictions & Analysis

The first ever WWE Great Balls of Fire PPV is this Sunday and is headlined by Samoa Joe challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Title

Neville (c) vs. Akira Tozawa for the WWE Cruiserweight Title (Kick off Match)

HBIC: Is Tozawa the one that will finally de-throne Neville? Now that Austin Aires has taken some time off to nurse some injuries, there isn’t really anyone else out there for pose a serious threat to Neville. Giving Tozawa the belt can instantly create another top guy in 205. I think it’s time to see what the other kids on the roster got. 

Bologna: When 205 Live started it felt like I was the only one giving it a chance. Well that chance has come and gone and I’m officially out on 205 Live. 205 live and the Crusierweight division as a whole is in need an overhaul. It’s just not connecting with the WWE universe. But, as much as I’m out on the division, I’m still 100% in on Neville as champion. I still think he’s having the best run of his career. I don’t see Tozawa as the guy that dethrones the King of the Cruiserweights. I’d like to see Neville run through the division  (which he pretty much has at this point) announce that he’s bored with it and is moving back up to the main roster sometime this fall. If 205 live had a NJPW G1 type tournament to crown a new champion that would breathe some new life into the division and the WWE. Between the original CW classic, The Dusty Rhodes tag team tournament, The UK tourney and now the Mae Young classic, single elimination tournaments have been beat to death. But a G1 style pool tournament that can last months can be what saves the CW division. At least for a while. 

Enzo Amore vs. Big Cass

HBIC: I have a feeling this match ain’t happening. There’s 7 matches on the card including this one. The Tag team match is gonna go at least 30 min as well as the Ambulance Match going close towards that. I think we are gonna see Cass attack Enzo backstage prior to the match or as soon as he comes out and “forces” him to be unable to compete. And this would be the right move. Having this match 2 weeks after they split is too soon. Can’t rush this. Have Enzo get attacked, write him off tv a couple weeks, and have him come back in spectacular fashion. I hope they throw a stip on this match at SummerSlam to make this feel more personal.  

Bologna: I like to shit on HBIC’s takes on these preview blogs. It’s maybe my favorite thing ever and what I do best. But credit when credit is due… he nailed that prediction. We typically don’t tell each other our thoughts before writing these, so when I opened this up and read his prediction I was like “Shit” I got nothing else to say. I really thought the same exact thing. No way this match happens. Not yet at least. 

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s Title

HBIC: As I said before on prior blogs, Bliss is the best woman on Raw right now. That being said, I wouldn’t mind another Sasha Banks title run. The problem with Banks’ first 3 reigns was that the title was better suited around Charlotte than Banks. But if Sasha wins and Bliss gets a rematch at SummerSlam, I wouldn’t be opposed to that. The big question mark tho remains what they are gonna do with Nia? Does she get thrown in a title match sooner or later? With Bliss or Banks? I have no idea what they can do with her. But right now I think you need to milk Banks vs Bliss for a couple months. 

Bologna:  My best guess is Bliss wins but doesn’t win cleanly. This prolongs the feud until SummerSlam. I still think Bliss vs Banks vs Nia at SS is a possibility. Which would be a clusterfuck IMO. But would be par for the course for the Raw women’s division. 

The Miz (c) vs. Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Title

HBIC: We wrote about this match so many times already I’m done with it. Miz wins. Ambrose does nothing to make a title important. Keep it where the money is. 

Bologna: If I have to deal with this same bullshit for months on end at least give me some more of that nut-job LaVar Ball too. Otherwise get this fucking feud over with already. Miz wins because fuck Dean Ambrose’s terrible hair. Simple as that. 

Cesaro and Sheamus (c) vs. The Hardy Boyz in a 30 min Iron Man Match for the Raw Tag Team Titles 

HBIC: Is this the first ever Iron Man match for tag teams? If it is they picked two great teams to do it. The Hardys bring out the best in Cesaro & Sheamus. I would like to see this match tied after 30 min and go to sudden death. But for now I think you keep the belts on Cesaro & Sheamus. Have the Hardys lose and have them become broken! Great way to finally introduce the gimmick. What we don’t need is the titles being hot potato heading into SummerSlam. The problem is, Raw doesn’t have any face tag teams left besides Rhyno & Slater. With Enzo and Cass done and Goldust/Truth done, The Hardy’s are the only face tag team at the top. Yes the Revival is coming back. Do they get booked as faces? Or do they turn Gallows and Anderson? Either way the once deep Raw tag team division is in trouble. Even if the Hardys lose, they will still be in the title picture at SummerSlam by default. 

Bologna:  When in the hell did 30 minutes become “iron man matches?” Give me 60 minutes or gtfo… insert sex joke here…  In all honestly, I don’t really want to see these guys fight for 60 minutes (The Hardy’s might die in that scenario) but I just thought it was weird to make a 30 minute iron man match. I do think it’s time to either “Break” the Hardy’s or let them split up and give Jeff one last solo run. Either of these scenario need the Hardy’s to lose so I’ve got Shesaro retaining. 

Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt

HBIC: I expect this match to be good, but I’m not fully engaged in this feud. Is seems like they just put these two together to kill time. Why are they fighting exactly? Bray comes out and does the same promo every Monday and then continues to lose. I just can’t take him seriously anymore. Where is the fear? And Seth hasn’t been in the title scene for quite some time. As Bologna says.. they are treading water. I have no idea where these two go after this. Maybe Seth and Ambrose reunite as the Shield and help out the tag division? But either way, I don’t see a scenario where Seth loses. 

Bologna:  Wrestling wise, this match will be just fine. Story line wise, what the fuck are these two even doing? Treading water is correctamundo!!!! Seth wins because it’s a ppv and Bray doesn’t win on ppv’s. Duh! 

Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman in an Ambulance Match

HBIC: This is the one match I want to see the most. Both these guys are making this physical and personal. But here’s the problem WWE has. Originally Reigns vs Brock was the plan at Wrestlemania next year. But now those plans have changed and Reigns vs Lesnar is penciled in at SummerSlam. If they go that route, the WWE will boo the fuck outta Reigns at SS. The fans would much rather see Brock vs Strowman. And Strowman needs to keep being booked like Brock is as an unstoppable Beast. I have a feeling WWE is gonna fuck it up and have Reigns win just cause he’s been getting his ass beat week after week lately. But if I’m WWE, I have Braun win decisively on Sunday. Set up the Brock vs Braun match, and have a way to have Reigns make it a Triple Threat match. That way the fans won’t boo the whole way and Brock can still win and not take the loss from Reigns. 

Bologna: The build up to this has been flat out awesome. As much as I like to shit on WWE creative, they have booked Strowman so perfectly up to this point that it’s shocking. He’s been put in the best possible position to succeed as a monster heel… that’s exactly why they will fuck it up and have Roman win on Sunday. It’s his yard remember. Fuck I hope I’m wrong about this. ( I won’t be) 

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Samoa Joe for the WWE Universal Title

HBIC: WWE did a good job building Joe up to look like a true challenge to Brock. With the sneak attacks to Brock getting chocked out, they made him seem like he can actually beat Brock. I will say this tho, if SummerSlam wasn’t the next PPV, I would love to have see Joe beat Brock and have him become a top guy as he should be. He’s done some great work on the mic lately and I can now take him more seriously. However, Brock will win and headline SummerSlam. But I just wanna see this match go about 15 min. Give me some kick outs and near tap outs. 

Bologna: I get excited for Brock Lesnar matches like I get excited for a meal at a China Buffet.  I get all hyped up beforehand, assume it’s going to be awesome then exactly 6 minutes later I’m disappointed and there is a dump in my pants. But this one, this one seems different. They’ve built up Joe and made Lesnar seem vulnerable. Hopefully they continue that into the match. I don’t want 9 suplexes, an F5 and a pin, give me something different. That’s all I ask for. But yeah,  Brock retains and I dump my pantalones. That’s a Sunday prediction you can bet on. 

P.S.- WTF are they doing with Finn?! Talk about treading water. Poor Finn is in no-mans-land. If they really want to make some noise they put him with Gallows & Anderson ASAP! A full fledged Balor Club would reinvigorate the Tag team division as well as Finn’s solo run. GIVE ME THAT NOW!!! I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!

P.P.S.- I’ve never set foot in a China Buffet. That’s some poor people shit. I just used it for comedic effect.

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