Book it! WWE Money in the Bank Predictions & Analysis

The Smackdown branded PPV: Money in the Bank is live this Sunday! And features the first ever WOMENS Money in the Bank Match!

Naomi (c) vs. Lana for the Smackdown Women’s Title

HBIC: They had to do something with Naomi right? How cool would it have been if Asuka lost the title on Wednesday and then appeared as her mystery opponent? But instead we get Lana making her in-ring debut in a title match. Ok? I’m preparing for the worst and hoping for a shed of decency. But Lana isn’t winning. 

Side question: Is she gonna wrestle in an evening gown or have legit ring attire? I can’t take her seriously if she comes to the ring in a blue gown

Side question 2: Can she get rid of that annoying saxophone intro music? Heard it 3 times and am already sick of it 

Bologna: I really don’t get this Lana reset. So she’s a Russian ballroom dancer now? If Lana wants to wrestle, fine. If WWE wants Lana to wrestle, fine.  I just don’t understand why her character had to change. Lana as the bad ass powersuit wearing boss lady is much more intimidating than jazz club floozie Lana. Especially if she’s keeping the accent. If she’s a random dancer now, you might as well have her talk in her normal American voice. This whole thing seems really half assed. 

I don’t see Naomi losing. UNLESS.. Hear me out… They have the women’s championship match after the women’s MITB match. Whoever wins the briefcase inserts themselves midway through the match and pins Lana. That way there is a new champion and Naomi never got pinned. I guarantee I like this idea better than whatever WWE comes up with.

The Usos (c) vs. The New Day for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles

HBIC: The Usos have been so good with their new gimmick I don’t see them losing on Sunday. Giving The New Day the titles soon as they debut on Smackdown is the wrong move. After holding the belts for over a year they don’t need em again anytime soon. Maybe you can have the Usos win by DQ or something and drag this out till SummerSlam, but after the New Day, I don’t see any viable competition for the Usos unless American Alpha gets pushed again.

Bologna: The Uso’s are so damn good right now. They are red hot. Their Day One is so f’n H. I just don’t see a reason for them to lose the titles. Furthermore, I love the New Day, but I expected something different when they moved to Smackdown. I was expecting a tweek to their overall characters. Instead of another  tag team run, why can’t we get New Day singles runs? They can still come out together but at this point I would much rather see them as singles competitors than a tag team.  Uso’s win and their day one continues to be very much H. 

Women’s MITB Ladder Match

HBIC: The women will be breaking ground in the first ever Women’s MITB ladder latch. I may be wrong, but I think this is the first ever women’s ladder match ever? Bologna back me up on this… After Charlotte getting the first HIAC match, she now gets to partake in the first MITB match. Pretty good resume so far for her. Anywho. Lets break it down by each woman:

Charlotte: As a 4 time women’s champ, she doesn’t need the case. She’s already at the top. If anything, someone with the case should be chasing her. So she’s not gonna win. 

Becky Lynch: Again, the case doesn’t usually go on former champs. It HAS before, but tends to tread the other way. It also usually doesn’t go on a babyface. So while I think the case could do her well to get back on the top of the division, with Naomi being champ, I don’t see Becky going after Naomi for it. 

Tamina: She sucks. Can’t wrestle, sucks on the mic. She isn’t winning

Natalya: While one can argue that she needs a title reign and is a decent heel, one can also argue that no one wants to see her as the champ. 

Carmella: And here’s your winner. She gets heat. She’s conniving. Has Ellsworth to help her win. She seems the most likely to cheat or use a opportunity to her advantage. While she’s still green in the ring and not progressing the same way Alexa Bliss did, giving her more of the spotlight with the case can only help. Or not.

Bologna: Yo HBIC, what the fuck do I look like? Statboy from PTI? Correct me if I’m wrong but you typed up this blog on a machine that is connected to every piece of information ever. What are you asking me for? Btw, I’m to lazy to look that up too so I’m just going to go ahead and say yeah. First ever ladder match. History!!!!

 The wrestlenerds on the Internet all have Carmella winning. HBIC has Carmella winning. It makes sense for Carmella to win… That’s why I’m picking Charlotte. Being that this is the first women’s mitb ever, Charlotte winning legitimizes the match and briefcase. 20 years from now when someone googles women’s MITB matches, it’ll look so much better in the record books if Charlotte is the winner as opposed to Carmella. Sorry but that’s just a plain fact. 

Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship 

HBIC: Last match I predicted Rusev costing Randy Orton the title and helping Jinder win it. It was my Stone Cold Lock of the night. Well that didn’t happen… BUT THIS TIME IT WILL! Rusev finally got cleared to return from injury. So now is the time to have him return and cost Orton the title. Jinder hasn’t done anything to warrant him losing the belt within a month so this is the only way to protect Randy while making Jinder look like a strong heel. 

Bologna: WWE keeps mentioning that Cowboy Bob Orton will be in attendance. Which leads me to believe 2 things.

1.) Cowboy Bob Orton has been wearing and using a cast on his arm for no less than 200 years. So I can’t wait for him to bust that motherfucking thing over the Singh brothers heads.

2.) Cowboy Bob Orton will cause a distraction that leads to Jinder pinning Randy. BOOK IT!!!!

Men’s MITB Ladder Match

HBIC: This will be a great match. But I don’t need to break down each guy’s chances. KO & AJ don’t need it. Ziggler already won it before. I can’t really see a scenario with Nak walking around with a briefcase for almost a year. (His entrance wouldn’t be the same if he was flaunting a briefcase) So either Zayn or Corbin will win. Corbin for me is more logical cause he’s a heel and is ready for a main event push. 

Bologna: Here is a game I like to play on twitter (@peterfonseca) that I will now bring over to the blog. 

Take: This match will be the match of the night

Hot Take: Neither of the 3 favorites ( KO, AJ, Nak) will win.

Hottest Take: Ziggler deserves to win and will win.

In all honestly I agree with HBIC. Sami Zayn & Baron Corbin stand to benifit the most from a MITB match victory. A win from either of those two would be welcomed in my book. But something in my big fat belly tells me Ziggler somehow steals one and becomes the only 3 time MITB winner.

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