Book it! WWE TLC Predictions & Analysis

The Raw exclusive PPV Tables Ladders & Chairs! (Oh My!) comes to you live this Sunday and features the highly anticipated Shield reunion in-ring return of Kurt Angle! 

HBIC Note: Just wanted to state before the blog, that this is a pretty garbage card. Not gonna have much to say on some of these matches. The only reason we are blogging it is because of The Shield and Asuka. Otherwise this PPV can kick rocks with only one TLC match

Bologna note 10/20/17 5:00pm- Lee Corso voice “Not So Fast My Friend!”   HOLY FUCK THINGS GOT TURNED UPSIDE DOWN REAL QUICK. News broke late Friday afternoon that Both Roman Reigns & Bray Wyatt have been scratched from the card due to illness/injury. Replacing Bray will be  Smackdown superstar AJ Styles. Replacing Roman will be none other than WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle returning to a WWE ring for the first time in 11 years. Oh its true! It’s damn true!

Alicia Fox vs. Sasha Banks

HBIC: Legit question: Is there anyone’s character more annoying than Alicia Fox? Not only is her acting so unbearable and unbelievable, but the voices she makes are down right annoying. There’s a reason you been here 10 years and don’t have a t-shirt. I have to mute my TV every time she’s on. Sasha wins. 

Bologna: How insignificant do you have to be for you to be on the WWE full time roster for 10 years and not have a Tshirt?  Hornswoggle has a shirt. James Ellsworth has a shirt. Hell even NXT flash in the pan Blue Pants has a shirt for sale on WWE and I swear she’s only wrestled like 3 times total. Fuck you Alicia Fox, you should be embarrassed of yourself for being that vanilla milquetoast that no one ever bothered to spend $20 bucks on you… All that being said, Bologna Club t-shirts will be available very soon. See that Alicia Fox? A nobody fake ass wannabe blogger has the same amount of shirts for sale as you.  If Sasha Banks doesn’t win she should walk out on the company Neville style. 

The Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher vs. Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann

HBIC: I could care less about this match. One team is gonna beat another team. 

Bologna: I will say Cedric Alexander’s finisher the “Lumbar Check” is one of the best in wrestling. I don’t know how that move works. It seriously looks like it’ll paralyze somebody. Jack Gallagher took one this Monday on Raw and sold it just about as good as anyone I’ve ever seen (besides Candice LaRae) So that’s my hope and prediction for this match. Lumbar Checks for anyone and everyone. 

Kalisto (c) vs. Enzo Amore for the WWE Cruiserweight Title

HBIC: Gotta admit I like the Enzo heel turn. Although some kids will still cheer him, this as been needed for a long time. He’s so good on the mic, and now he doesn’t have to hold back as a heel. Loved those promos where he was roasting the entire Cruiserweight division. Anywho, word is Kalisto’s title reign was a spur of the moment decision due to Neville walking out on Raw 2 weeks ago. Enzo is going to reclaim his belt Sunday and continue to annoying the 205s

Bologna: Hand Up! Raised Up! All the way Up. I can admit when I’m wrong. Just a month ago I wrote how moving Enzo to 205 Live was his death sentence. He was being buried week in and week out on Raw and I thought 205 would be his last stop before he was out of the company. A quick fall from grace. Boy was I wrong, Enzo has revitalized the Cruiserweight division in a way I didn’t think possible. I agree with HBIC. I think it would be best for Enzo to regain the belt and “chickenshit heel” his way to a few months long title reign.  I’m intrigued at the feud they’ve been hinting at with Enzo and Mustafa Ali. I think Ali is really damn good. I’d like for him to get a push. Need more Chicago guys doing big things… hat tip to Kalisto I guess.  

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Mickie James for the Raw Women’s Title

HBIC: I really do like how they are making fun of Mickie James. Makes it more personal. But we all know Asuka is gonna win and get a title shot. I feel inclined that WWE is gonna want Asuka to beat the established champ as opposed to someone who just won it. Asuka vs Bliss has a higher profile at Survivor Series than Asuka vs Mickie James (which was already done in NXT and Asuka beat clean). Bliss wins. 

Bologna:  Alexa wins because 

Asuka vs. Emma

HBIC: Asuka’s gonna kill you…. Asuka’s gonna kill you…. 

Bologna:  I will legitimately bet my life’s savings ($73 real dollars & a bunch of Jordan’s) Asuka wins. 

“The Demon” (Finn Bálor) vs. “Sister Abigail” (Bray Wyatt)  A.J. Styles

HBIC: Only in the WWE would dressing up in drag be considered demon vs demon. I have no idea what to expect from the “Sister Abigail” character, but I expect this match to be more physical. Shocked this isn’t an official “TLC” match, but I expect at least T and C to make an appearance. If WWE wants to make Bray’s Sister Abigail character a thing like Finn’s Demon, then Bray wins. Otherwise Finn wins again and the feud finally ends. 

What will happen: Finn and AJ will stare each other down while the crowd cheers “THIS IS AWESOME!” and will go 25-30 min in a match of the year candidate. 

What I want to happen: Finn and AJ stare at each other. Then they pull a Kevin Nash/Hulk Hogan, and AJ finger pokes Finn who does the job for the quick win. Gallows and Anderson run down to the ring, they all TOO SWEET each other, and form the Bullet Club we so desperately need.  They then go on to feud with The Shield and New Day in epic proportions. 

Bologna: I had a lot to say about Halloween Finn vs Lady Wyatt before it was announced that the match was scratched… JK no I didn’t because that shit sucked and was corny as hell. So for the MILLIONTH FUCKING TIME I’LL SCREAM AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS THAT WWE IS MISUSING FINN BALOR GODDAMNIT!!! 

Anyway, this new match I can get behind. Bullet Club leader vs Bullet Club leader? Fuck yeah. Even if they don’t bring it up on commentary, the marks know this is special. Even if it is just a one-off match. I would like to see Gallows & Anderson interfere somehow or even just make an appearance. Maybe that’s asking for too much but either way, I’m here for this, My guess is that Finn wins and Styles congratulates him by “Too Sweeting” right in everybody’s face. 

Kurt Angle with The Shield minus Roman vs. Braun Strowman, The Miz, Kane, Cesaro, & Sheamus in a TLC Match

HBIC: *WWE Creative: They keep booing Reigns, how can we stop that? I know! Shield Reunion!*  What is absolutely hysterical is Reigns got booed the fuck out of when he walked out for his match with Braun. Shield: YEY! Reigns solo: BOOOO! Makes sense to me. Although I love the Shield reunion, I wish they could have had them running through the roster for a few weeks before making this 5 on 3 match. Reuniting them and then making this match makes the outcome so obvious! Of course of The Shield is gonna win. You think they are gonna hype that up just to have em lose two weeks later. Making it 5 on 3 doesn’t make the winner less obvious, it makes it more. What they should have done is had the Shield reunite after Summerslam. Re-do the whole gimmick of them unleashing justice on the Raw roster and having them look unstoppable. Then have Braun and Kane and the Miztourage step up as a roadblock. Would have made it more believable. But I highly believe that this is only gonna set up a traditional 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 survivor series match with the Shield teaming up with Finn or someone. Bruan, gets triple power-bombed through a table. Shield wins. 

Everyone is gonna expect Kurt to go crazy. How funny would it be if Rollins and Ambrose refused to tag in Kurt and that made him turn into a hell GM. But ill defer to Bologna’s comments on this one. He hit it spot on… 

Bologna: I’m honestly shocked that this is how they decided to use the return of Kurt Angle. I understand after pulling Roman, they were left with few options but Kurt Angle making his in-ring return kind of deserved some sort of push and publicity at least. It honestly feels like they panicked and shot their load before considering the consequences. Don’t get me wrong, This is fucking awesome. I just wish Kurt’s return fit in with the story line a bit better. So he’s going to wrestle all of Raw’s main heels on Sunday and then go back to being their boss and the GM on Monday? Weird.

And since they are bringing AJ from Smackdown, why could’t they just do a New Day & The Shield vs the bad guys match. Sure it might not be as big as Kurt Angle’s return but  New Day & Rollins/Ambrose teaming up in a TLC match can be entertaining as fuck. Either way, this ppv went from meh to must watch real fucking quick.  

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