Book it! WWE Royal Rumble Predictions & Analysis


The Road to Wrestlemania kicks off Sunday and for the first time ever features an ALL WOMEN Royal Rumble Match! 

The Usos (c) vs. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles

HBIC: Usos have been real good in 2017, but i think its def time to give another team the spotlight to kickoff the new year. Gable and Benjamin could be some fresh faces the Smackdown live tag team division needs right now. 

Bologna: Being that American Alpha 2: electric boogaloo got “screwed out of their title win.” My guess is that they find pay-dirt this Sunday. Couple that with Jey Uso’s recent DUI and it would make sense for AA2 to win. Unfortunately, that’s not what I want to happen. I would like the Uso’s to retain. But we all know that what we want and what we get, especially at the Rumble are two very different things. 

Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan (c) vs. Cesaro and Sheamus for the Raw Tag Team Titles

HBIC: No matter how you cut it… Jason Jordan is Roman Reigns lite… They just keep shoving him down our throats and we keep booing! I need this tag team to break up in epic fashion… like a reverse HBK/Marty Jannety, Rollins needs to knock out Jordan during the match, walk out of the match, The Bar wins the titles, crowd pops! Sets up a nice Rollins vs Jordan feud in February and let The Balor Club challenge the Bar! BOOM! 

Bologna: I’ve got to be honest, I don’t know what to think of Jason Jordan. He sucks and I hate him. But I’m supposed to hate him. So he’s doing his job. He’s doing a real good job at getting people to hate him. So in those regards, I kinda  like him.  I like to hate Jason Jordan. There. Does that makes sense? Now that I’ve work-shopped that, I would like to hate him a little longer. So Rollins and Jordan retain so we can all boo Jordan a bit longer. Plus I’m pretty sure none needs another The Bar tag title run. 

AJ Styles (c) vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in a handicap match for the WWE Title

HBIC: Is this match gonna be match of the night? YEP! Is KO and Zayn gonna start fighting with each other some how? YEP! Is AJ Styles gonna walk out of the Rumble the champ? YEP! YEP! YEP! 

Bologna: I’m not ready for a Kevin and Sami breakup. I think this team-up has revitalized both of them and I’d like to see them together a bit longer. I don’t think they’ll win. My guess is that Shane McMahon will cost them the victory somehow and A.J. retains. The Smackdown brand would benefit from A.J. retaining and headlining their Wrestlemania main event. As for Beebop and Rock Steady, I’d like to see a tag title reign from them a la the Steenerico days of ROH. 

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Braun Strowman vs. Kane in a Triple Threat Match for the Universal Title

HBIC: SPOILER ALERT! Brock Lesnar vs Kane for the Universal Title was announced for the March 3rd House Show in Chicago. So that pretty much settles that. We all know Roman vs Brock is the match at Wrestlemania where Roman will win again. *Barf* so I expect the WWE to follow the standard Brock Lesnar Triple Threat formula: He gets beat down quick, goes through a couple tables, looks like he’s knocked out, and then somehow comes back and wins last minute. 

Bologna:  * card subject to change. Read the fine print one time for me HBIC…… Just kidding. Brock is gonna win. Brock is gonna headline Mania against Roman. We are all going to hate it. Why? Here’s an explanation for you 

2018 Women’s Royal Rumble match

HBIC: As of now there are 18 or 30 confirmed participants. So ill give my best guess on who the extras are. Under the legends category, I’m gonna guess Trish, Jacqueline, Beth Phoenix, Tori Wilson, and Michelle McCool make appearances. From NXT, I’m gonna go with Candice LeRae, Billie Kay & Peyton Royce, Nikki Cross, Lacey Evans, & Kairi Sane.  Then I’m gonna go all in an say Rousey is the surprise entrant no one expects. And since Asuka never loses, she’s not gonna lose this Rumble either. 

Bologna: By “surprise entrant no one expects” I think Jason meant “obvious choice everyone and their mother expects.”  The dinner with HHH. The TMZ “leaks.”  Even Stephanie’s announcement that she’ll be commenting on the Women’s Rumble match all leads me to believe this will be for an angle with Rousey. My only hope for all of this is that she still comes out to Bad Reputation because that has always been an electric entrance. Rousey vs Charlotte at Mania would put asses in the seats. Especially from the casual viewer Vince so desperately cums for. 

2018 Men’s Royal Rumble match

HBIC: 17 of the 30 participants have been confirmed. Ill let Bologna go on who he thinks are the other 13. But ill just say I think newly signed EC3 is gonna be one of them. Unless WWE goes the “Fuck the Crowd” route and makes Roman a surprise entrant and eventual winner, I would have to say it’s gotta be someone from Smackdown to challenge AJ. In that case you go with the dream marquee matchup and give it to Nak! 

Bologna: Remember that diagram I posted during the Lesnar match… Imagine I blew it up times a billion… OK enough with the negative Nancy shtick. As much as I’m disillusioned with the product at the moment, The Royal Rumble has always been my favorite match. I won’t let Vince and shitty booking ruin it for me before it starts… Tweet at me Sunday night around 10:30 CST for that. I’m not gonna go all in on who the 13 are going to be like last year. Frankly because I haven’t done my homework. But I will give you 3 things to look out for and then my prediction.

1.) EC3?!? Honestly, I can see where WWE would want that shock and awe debut like they got with AJ Styles. But let’s get one thing straight, EC3 is no AJ Styles. If they want a pop from the marks, I would rather see Ricochet debut at the Rumble instead of Ethan Carter the Third.

2.) Familiar faces. There is always a WWE alumni returning at the rumble. This year my pick for that is MVP. He’s not a huge name but he’s spoken very well of Vince and Hunter even after he left the company and we saw him at Raw 25. Makes sense to bring him back… There was a rumor going around that WWE and Bobby Lashley were in talks. That would be a much bigger comeback. I’d like to see that happen. Although Lashley is booked for an Indy date this Sunday so don’t get your hopes up.

3.) NXT call ups. This is a given right? Someone from NXT will get a huge pop and hopefully that is none other than Aleister Black. I mean why wait until the Raw after Mania to debut him. Black is ready now. He’d be a huge addition to the Smackdown roster.

Prediction: Roman is going to win but I’m not gonna even entertain the thought. Instead I’d like to say Nakamura wins so we can get AJ vs Nakamura in the Tokyo Dome (Mania). If not Nak, then give me Finn Balor. I’ve fantasy booked him enough on these blogs but a man has gotta try right? 🤘 

PS- Some janky rumors had Daniel Bryan jumping to the favorite to win the rumble on some eu sportsbooks. If by some miracle WWE clears him then ignore everything we have written and hotshot Bryan to the title. YES! YES! YES! 




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